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The Enterprise 2000’ Toronto cruises are fantastic for hosting media events in Toronto. Cruises in and of themselves add a special spark and pizzazz to any event and will generate publicity for your company or your cause. And, they are very cost effective in creating media interest in an event. Our Toronto cruises can play an integral part in your public relations efforts by hosting your press release parties or hosting the event announced in your press releases. We can help to bring light to your cause, build and reinforce a brand, drive traffic to your website, increase revenues, and keep your company in the spotlight.

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We offer a complete event planning service, ensuring the success of your press release party. The Enterprise 2000’ Toronto cruises allow you to connect with the media and impress them with your offering as well as your event. Everyone loves a party and the Enterprise 2000 is an impressive yacht, ideal for entertaining. She has two decks, with the upper deck featuring a spectacular retractable sky dome style roof and two fully stocked, licensed bars. The cuisine is superb and we offer many styles of service including cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, buffet, food stations, and elegant sit-down service. Our menus are interesting, beautifully presented, and absolutely delicious. In addition, we can arrange everything from décor to live music and special effects.

In order to get your message out there, you must be creative and innovative. Instead of just distributing your press releases through the usual channels, draw the media down to the boat and make the big announcement on one of our Toronto cruises. A press release is a very effective form of communication, providing that it gets noticed. Our press release Toronto cruises will attract the media attention that you seek. Contact us today and reserve the date for your press release party.